Following is a list of capabilities which is testament to Projects ASI has successfully completed.

  • Television Play Out Centres
  • Radio & Television Studios & Transmission Systems
  • Video On Demand IPTV & MATV Distribution Systems
  • Stadium Scoreboards and Broadcast Infrastructure
  • Post Production
  • Acoustics and Architectural Design
  • IP TV / CCTV Networks
  • Outside Broadcast Vehicles
  • Theatre Staging and Video Projection
  • Parliamentary Sound & Vision Filming and Recording
  • Parliamentary Voting Systems
  • Parliamentary Chamber Audio, Video & Hansard Recording
  • Large Venue & Chamber Sound Reinforcement
  • Interior and Exterior Electronic Way-Finding and Digital Signage Systems
  • Control Room and Studio Acoustic Design
  • Mpeg Transmission and Automated AV Control via integrated data networks
  • Lecture theatres Auditoriums and Churches ranging from 50 to 3,500 seats
  • Museum interactive displays and exhibition technology
  • Automated Boardroom AV and Video Conferencing
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