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Broadcast AV

Our Story

Since inception in August 1988, Australian Systems Integration Pty. Ltd. (ASI) has provided Consultancy, Project Management and Systems Integration Services to both government and corporate organisations throughout Australia, United Kingdom, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates.In 2020, ASI is pleased to announce the engagement of an Exclusive Distributorship Agreement with Utilidex Pty Ltd, a leader in the UK Energy.Hub services with major Governments, Suppliers and B2Bs.Our core business revolves around working closely with our clients from the initial outset through to Consultancy, Design, Tender Specification, Contractor Evaluation, Project Management, Commissioning and Handover.

Services Offered

Why we are different

  • New ACCC legislation passed in 2019 allows open access to data on client approval thus opening the way for ASI and Utilidex to compete in the Australian market more effectively.
  • The platform integrates bill validation, analytics and procurement trading in a single online Energy.Hub.
  • The hub allows suppliers of customers to log in, investigate issues and avoids passing spreadsheets back and forth.
  • The hub has in excess of 60+ reports and alerts across the platform.

 Project Guidanceclient support services: –

  • Tender Authoring, Consultancy, Design and Technical Specifications.
  • Systems Architecture and Workflow Design.
  • Customer Asset and System Audits.
 Project Managementprovision of on-site services:-
  • Project Efficiency and Budget Planning.
  • Liaison and coordination between the various SI and other building Sub Contractors.
  • Supply, Supervision and Management of SI Staff.
  • Equipment and Installation stock and consumables management.
  • OH&S Site management.
 System Design – Architect, Documentation & Creative: –
  • Systems Architect and Cad/Documentation Production.
  • Broadcast Television, Radio and Production IT and Base Band Network Systems.
  • Transmission and Production Work Flows.
  • Acoustic and Environmental.
  • Cable Schedules, Rack Layouts and Technical Furniture.
  • Documenting previously As-Built systems in preparation for further expansion.
  • Final As-Built documentation that faithfully reflects the installed system.
  • 3D printing of architectural & equipment designs.
 Integration and System Commissioningproduce documentation and perform: –
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) & Site Acceptance Testing (SAT).
  • Confirmation Equipment, Systems and Warranties are managed and set in place.
 Maintenance and Supporttechnical support: –
  • Maintenance and technical support on new and current systems.
  • Ensure systems are working correctly and efficiently.
  • Energy and cooling efficiency.
  • Authoring of Systems and OMM/O&M Training Manuals.
 TrainingProvision of Operator Training on:-

  • Broadcast Play Out systems.
  • Production systems.
  • Technical maintenance, systems fault finding, workflows and operations


Following is a list of capabilities which is testament to Projects ASI has successfully completed.


  • Utilidex Energy.Hub for Electricity, Gas & Water consumption & costs
  • Television Play Out Centres
  • Radio & Television Studios & Transmission Systems
  • Video On Demand IPTV & MATV Distribution Systems
  • Stadium Scoreboards and Broadcast Infrastructure
  • Post Production
  • Acoustics and Architectural Design
  • IP TV / CCTV Networks
  • Outside Broadcast Vehicles
  • Theatre Staging and Video Projection
  • Parliamentary Sound & Vision Filming and Recording
  • Parliamentary Voting Systems
  • Parliamentary Chamber Audio, Video & Hansard Recording
  • Large Venue & Chamber Sound Reinforcement
  • Interior and Exterior Electronic Way-Finding and Digital Signage Systems
  • Control Room and Studio Acoustic Design
  • Mpeg Transmission and Automated AV Control via integrated data networks
  • Lecture theatres Auditoriums and Churches ranging from 50 to 3,500 seats
  • Museum interactive displays and exhibition technology
  • Automated Boardroom AV and Video Conferencing